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domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

John Leary - U.S.A.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 26, 2013
Saturday, June 15, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you can remember several times in the Gospels where I used a boat to give a sermon so the crowd could not hem Me in. Then I had My apostles put out into the Sea of Galilee. On one occasion, a great storm threatened to swamp the boat as I was sleeping. The apostles awakened Me because they were in fear of drowning. Then I calmed the storm, and they were amazed at My power to change the weather. You have many incidents in life when you are overwhelmed with events, and you need My help, like My apostles needed Me.
Call on Me in your prayer requests, and I will calm the strife in your life. With faith in My help, I will give you peace so you can move on to do your mission. It is in the calming of storms in your lives that you need Me all of the time. You depend on Me for everything, so thank Me for helping you through all of your daily trials.”

Friday, June 14, 2013

June 26, 2013
Friday, June 14, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the flames of hell, and more demons were coming out of hell to afflict mankind in this coming tribulation. You may be wondering why there seems to be an increase in the amount of evil going on in the world. The reason in part, is that more demons are being unleashed on the world. I am still compensating this evil by sending more of My angels to help the faithful souls who are calling on My help. You continue to see this evil among mankind mirrored in the violence of your current weather. The HAARP machine is being used by the one world people to enhance the violence of your storms. You are continuing also to see more fires from the droughts in the West. I told you that America would be facing more disasters as a punishment for your sins. Keep praying for your people who are so taken up with their sinful pleasures.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are in a countdown until the time of the Warning will happen. I will bring My Warning before your lives will be endangered, and before the evil ones will force mandatory chips in the body on everyone. Some people have suggested frequent Confession, so you will have less of a chance in seeing hell as your mini-judgment in your life review. Hopefully, My faithful are leading lives right now that will not judge them to hell. The Warning is a wake-up call to understand what sins you may be committing that most offend Me. You will also see how you are influencing others either for good or bad. You will know from this experience how best to improve your lives when you return into your body. If you do not improve, then your mini-judgment could become your final judgment. After the Warning, you will have six weeks to convert your lives, and you could get your family together so you could all come to the same refuge. Then you will need to get rid of your TVs, computers, and any devices connected to the internet so you will not see the Antichrist’s eyes that could cause you to worship him. Events will move quickly after the Warning that will lead up to the Antichrist declaring himself. You will need to come to My refuges before chips in the body will become mandatory, and before martial law is declared. If you do not know where a refuge can be found, then call on Me, and I will have your guardian angel lead you to the nearest refuge with a small flame. You will be at My refuges for the whole tribulation, and you will not return to your homes. Trust in Me to protect you from the evil ones with My invisible shield.”

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 26, 2013
Wednesday, June 12, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, when I was with My apostles, I breathed on them, and I told them: ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.’ In the vision you are seeing inside someone’s lungs, and how the breath of the Holy Spirit was giving life to that person both in the body and in the soul. Every time that you receive My sacraments, you have My grace and the grace of the Holy Spirit to enlighten you with His gifts. Without this gift of life in the Holy Spirit, you would not exist. Be thankful for this precious gift of life, and go forth to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in evangelizing souls for heaven. The power of the Holy Spirit is helping you in any gift of prophecy, and He inspires you to remember any message so you can write it down. When you are giving your talks, the Holy Spirit gives you which messages to share with the people. When you are praying healing prayers over the people, He is the One who sends healing power throughout the bodies and souls of those who you are praying over. Give thanks to the Holy Spirit for all the gifts that He shares with you in your mission.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you before that this place is a place of refuge. You have the spring water for healing and drinking, and the deer that you see, will come into your camp for food. My angels will bring you daily Communion, and they will protect you from the evil ones. There are even caves in these mountains. These mountains are the typical places that My Blessed Mother chose to share her apparitions with the children. The mountains are also a haven of protection for My faithful. Rejoice as you are at peace in this place.”

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 17, 2013
Tuesday, June 11, 2013: (St. Barnabas)
Jesus said: “My people, when My faithful are evangelizing people to the faith, they are fulfilling the calling of their Baptism and their Confirmation. I sent My apostles out to send My Good News of My Kingdom to all the nations. You all are called as missionaries to share My love and My Word with the people in all the nations. All the people who you bring to Me in conversion or re-conversion will be your witnesses at your judgment. I have told you many times how there is rejoicing in heaven for every soul that is converted to the faith. You know how wonderful and glorious it is to have a personal relationship with Me in love. You can depend on Me to help you in everything. This is why it is so important to share this loving relationship with Me by inviting souls to come to know Me. There are some in the world who reject Me, but My prayer warriors are such a joy to Me when they pray for conversions, and work to physically convert souls. You are striving to bring Me into the hearts of many people, and you are working to save souls from going to hell. All of My faithful should feel like missionaries as you walk in the footsteps of St. Paul and St. Barnabas.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have shown you railroad cars, trucks, and airplanes as a means of bringing prisoners to the detention centers. There is only one reason that the evil ones will need for transporting prisoners to the detention death camps, and that is to kill them by poisonous gas or by guillotine. I want My faithful to heed My words of coming to My refuges when your lives are in danger. If you do not leave your homes soon enough, then you will be risking martyrdom at the hands of the one world people. You are seeing an electric train that will be used to carry people in shackles to the death camps. If you do not accept the chip in your body when they make it mandatory, then you will risk having them kill you in the detention centers. Be prepared to leave your homes quickly, and call on Me to have your guardian angels lead you to My refuges. Then you will not be captured, but you will be protected by an invisible shield.”

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 17, 2013
Monday, June 10, 2013:
Jesus said: “My son, I have called you to spread My message of love in the Gospel, and to prepare the people for the coming tribulation in these end times. I call you to a life of prayer and service to My people. In the Gospel on the Beatitudes, these are the ways that I want My people to live. By being meek and faithful to imitating My life, then all of you will be able to separate yourselves from the evils of your society. The people around you will see your different lifestyle, and you can give others a good example. You may be rejected and even persecuted by some for My Name, but I still want you to love everyone and forgive them of any harm. By following My ways and not the ways of the world, you will be blessed in all that you do for Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is going to be difficult for most people to endure living at a refuge because you have been spoiled with so many time-saving devices. It is not easy to live a more rustic life without the comfort of hot showers, and little, or no electricity. I know it will be hard on My faithful to suffer through a long tribulation time. I have told you that I am speeding up the time for the sake of My elect, so I can shorten this time of tribulation. This acceleration of time will be a continuous shortening of time to limit this 3½ years so the tribulation will be more bearable. This tribulation time will also be a purgatory on earth. So by speeding up the time, I am shortening your purgatory time as well. You will rejoice in My Era of Peace as this will be your reward for being faithful to Me.”

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 17, 2013
Sunday, June 9, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you are wondering why I am giving you such a serious message about the loss of your country and your freedoms, instead of a message on today’s readings. The messages that I will be giving you from now on will be more intense and more serious because the things that I have prepared you for, are going to be happening in a short time. You are aware of the one world people in how they are planning more detention death camps to eliminate all the Christians and patriots who will not go along with the new world order. A time is coming when the evil ones running your government, will force mandatory chips in the body on your people, chips that I do not want My faithful to take under any circumstances. These chips in the body will control your mind and free will, but the authorities will kill those people who refuse to take them. You will also see a martial law installed due to a made-up money crash, a pandemic virus, and continued false flag terrorist killings caused by individuals who are chipped in the body. I will warn My faithful to leave for My refuges before your lives and souls will be endangered. Once the evil ones take over your country with a martial law, America will become a part of the North American Union. This is why this flag of the North American Union will replace the U.S. flag. All of your rights will be taken away, which is why you need to flee to My refuges. Once you leave your homes with your backpacks, tents, and sleeping blankets, My angels will guard you with an invisible shield. I am having some faithful souls prepare refuges to house and feed those who will be led to the safety of My refuges. Give thanks to Me and these refuge builders for making safe havens for My faithful to stay throughout the whole tribulation time.”

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 17, 2013
Saturday, June 8, 2013: (Immaculate Heart of Mary)
Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I know you are celebrating my feast of my Immaculate Heart which is the second part of our Two Hearts feast. I was thankful for the priest to bring attention to my second love, my dear St. Joseph. My first love is always with my Son, Jesus, because I lived in His Divine Will. But St. Joseph was an important part of My earthly life in protecting me from accusations by the people for being pregnant without being married. He also provided for our Holy Family, especially in our travel to Egypt and in today’s Gospel of finding Jesus in the Temple. You do not hear St. Joseph’s words in the Scriptures, but he did communicate his feelings for us in everyday life. As your people travel more easily in planes and cars, you do not fully appreciate how difficult it was to travel to Bethlehem, to Egypt, to Jerusalem, and to see Elizabeth in Ein Karem. I thank all of My prayer warriors for being faithful to your daily rosaries. I love all of my children so much, as you share in the love of our Two Hearts. Keep praying to our Two Hearts, and you can be joined with us as one.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages about not taking a chip in the body so it will not control your free will. I will also warn you when it is time to leave for My refuges so you will not be at your homes when the evil ones will come to your house to try and capture you for not taking a chip in the body. Some people do not realize that the evil ones, who work for the Antichrist, are determined to eliminate all Christians who believe in God. Because you will not take a chip in the body, you will be considered an outlaw against the new world order. This is why it will be better to leave your homes for My refuges, than to be martyred in your homes. I am not telling this to you in order to scare you, but this is the reality of the coming persecution. Be prepared to leave for a more rustic living at My refuges.”

Friday, June 7, 2013

June 17, 2013
Friday, June 7, 2013: (Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Jesus said: “My people, you are celebrating the feast days of My Sacred Heart and My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart back to back. Our Two Hearts are joined as one in the picture of your vision. When you see My Sacred Heart, it reminds you of how much I love all of you, and how I want all of you to love Me with a personal commitment. I am a real Person, and I have shown you My love by dying for all of you on My cross. You can show Me your love by allowing Me to be the Master of your life. Offer up all that you do each day to Me, and I will help you in carrying your daily cross. By making a personal commitment to loving Me, and obeying Me, you are set on the right path to heaven. Reach out to all the people around you, and invite them to share in My love. I am Love and I want you to be one with Me as My Blessed Mother is one with Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am calling My faithful to a deeper prayer life to protect your inner peace with Me from all of your distractions in this life. You can see the weather events and threats to your life are increasing as you draw closer to the tribulation time. My Warning will help some people to wake up, but you need to develop a stronger inner prayer life to defend yourselves in these end times. Without a good defense against the increasing evil, you could get swept away by the Antichrist’s evil powers. I will lead My faithful to My refuges, but you need to be able to hear My call in your heart. If you are not listening to Me in your prayer life, you could allow the noise of worldly events to drown out My message. Be alert when your lives will be threatened, as it will be time to come to My refuges. When you see mandatory chips in the body, martial law, and a major schism in My Church, these things will be the signs to leave your homes for My refuges.”

Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 17, 2013
Thursday, June 6, 2013: (St. Norbert)
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading from the Book of Tobit, you are seeing separate prayers from Tobiah and Sarah to protect themselves from the demon, Asmodeus. This demon had killed seven husbands to Sarah on their wedding night, and this couple prayed for protection so Tobiah would not be killed. St. Raphael, the Archangel, was sent by Me to cast out this demon, and protect this couple. They each sought a noble purpose in marriage, and not any lust in their hearts. Because their prayers were sincere, I answered their requests. This account of marriage is also a message to all newlyweds on their wedding night, to pray for a successful marriage with children. When you pray to Me for protection in this covenant of marriage, I will also answer the prayers of those who desire a happy marriage for many years.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, living at college in a dormitory carries some strong temptations for drinking alcoholic drinks together with other students. This is becoming more of a problem when students live on campus. Once students are away from their parents, they need to be more responsible for their actions. Those students, who have a strong prayer life, are stronger in avoiding occasions of sin. College life can help people, but some young people start bad addictions when they are unsupervised. Pray for your college students that they grow up as responsible citizens.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing more volatility in your stock markets as interest rates start to rise in a better economy. Your weather also is quite variable in your cooler temperatures this spring, and in the violence of your tornadoes and tropical storms. When markets go into records of new highs, there is a possibility of a major correction. Your weather is also witnessing some unusual floods in some areas, and droughts and fires in other areas. This is as if man’s erratic behavior is being mirrored in the weather disasters.”
Jesus said: “My people, the more you investigate the IRS in their activities, the more abuses you are finding in discrimination among opposing party members. It is hard to show who was targeting the Tea Party groups and patriots in obtaining any tax-exempt status. Those, who were accused in Cincinnati, Ohio, are now pointing the blame in the Washington, D.C. direction. In the latest baseball abuses with enhancing chemicals, the Commissioner is coming down hard on twenty players. In these abuse cases, it is hard to obtain enough evidence to make a case. Your people hold your Congress people and baseball players to a higher standard, so that ethics are more important for these people in the spotlight.”
Jesus said: “After your State Department mishandled the current Benghazi incident, and your Attorney General has been questioned on various questionable activities, your people are concerned with losing their freedoms. Searching cell phone numbers for terrorists and other security issues at the airports, are raising questions if your government is too controlling. It is hard to find a compromise in protecting individual rights vs. looking for terrorists.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is hard to realize how people suffer when their kidneys are not working properly. Some people live with dialysis treatments, but this is difficult going for three hours or more almost every other day. Some people have been fortunate to have kidney transplants, but they do not always last. Gail has chosen her path to let Me take her after five years of suffering. Give support to her family, as she is with Me now in heaven. She will be praying for her family, as they helped her much in her last days.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am grateful for your prayers in your prayer group for your many prayer petitions. Praying to stop abortion in your country is needed more than ever because this killing of My babies greatly offends Me. Many of you know how serious a problem that your abortions are causing. Life is so precious, yet some of your people are discarding their children as human garbage. This irreverence for life is one of your most serious sins both individually and as a nation. Your abortions are continuing as if this is a normal behavior, but it is an abuse of My creations. America has the blood of these children on your hands, and your country will pay dearly for these killings.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am always like the father of the Prodigal Son because I await your coming to Me for forgiveness in Confession. If you have contrition for your sins, you will be forgiven. Do not postpone coming to Confession because you do not want to remain long in your sins. I have told you before that by keeping a pure soul with frequent Confession, you will always be ready for your judgment when you die. You can give good example to others, by letting them see how you come to Confession monthly. Especially encourage your children and grand-children to come to Confession often. If you do not invite people, they may be reluctant to come to Confession at all.”

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 17, 2013
Wednesday, June 5, 2013: (St. Boniface)
Jesus said: “My people, when you look at the cut away rings of a large tree, it represents the history of that tree through the years. I turn your attention to the roots of the many years of My Church’s existence as you honor St. Boniface and all My holy martyrs and saints. You have heard how the blood of the martyrs is the seed for new conversions to the faith in Me. These martyrs would rather give up their lives, than deny their faith in Me. Their example of Christian living makes them models for you to follow. I want all of My followers to live according to My Commandments so you can live saintly lives. Every soul that comes to heaven must have a pure soul to enter, and these are My saints that are not all canonized by My Church. They all have received their crowns of sainthood, just as My faithful will some day.”
Jesus said: “My people, the people that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, have obtained some Federal aid to rebuild the damage from this storm. It is not easy to organize the repairs needed over such a large area. Many people have lost their homes, and it is hard to replace them. After having at least two storms cause considerable damage, people in this area might be considering some kind of Federal storm insurance. I have mentioned the possibility of another storm coming into the Northeast, so people in this area should be prepared in case it happens. Your first tropical storm is coming into Florida, and some remnants may head up the coast. Call on My help to minimize any storm damage, but America could be facing more disasters because of its sins. Be prepared with food and water if you should lose power, and have your vehicles filled with enough gas in case you need to flee from any storms. By having the people ready, you could minimize any casualties.”